Viking Thrusting Spear

By: Paul Chen - Hanwei

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Niello Process

The Viking Thrusting Spear was more commonly used than the sword, being much less expensive to produce. The wings or lugs, of Frankish origin, both limited the penetration of the weapon and provided an effective parrying guard. This decorated forged spearhead demonstrates the Viking’s creative mix of art and war, whereby weapons often carried intricate patterns, created using the “Niello” process. This involved using an alloy of several metals (notably silver) mixed with sulfur which was rubbed into an incised pattern and then fired. Where the alloy is rubbed into the engraving it remains black, while the rest of the surface is polished to a bright finish. Our decorating process uses a little more technology but still provides a lustrous, permanent Niello-like effect. Note: This spear head is cast hollow, and therefore not suitable to functional use.


Reliks Product ID 2171
Manufacturer SKU xh2038
Blade Length 9 3/4"
Class Decorative
Edge Type Un-Sharpened
Full Length 16"
Weight 1 lb 6 oz

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S - Verified Buyer

"This is for sure a wall hanger. the design, and the crispness of the shine. with out a doubt a beautiful piece. I wouldn't recommend this for actual use. The metal would hold, but you would have to drill a hole in the metal to secure it. I picked a 8 ft maple dowel and used a mahogany stain. I also got rounded end for the spear end."

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