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What is a Winged Spearhead?

A winged spearhead is a type of spearhead that has two protrusions on either side of the blade, resembling wings. These wings are typically triangular or leaf-shaped and can be curved or straight. The spearhead itself is usually made of iron or steel, and it attaches to a long wooden pole or shaft. The winged spearhead has a long and storied history. It was used by various civilizations throughout history, including the Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Chinese.

Design of the Winged Spearhead

The design of the winged spearhead was unique and has been theorized to serve a variety of purposes depending on how the spear is being used.

During Combat

The wings on the spearhead helped to stabilize it during a thrust, preventing it from penetrating too deeply into it's target. This was important in battle, as a spear that became lodged in it's target could be difficult to retrieve, leaving the soldier vulnerable to attack.

To Parry

The wings could also be used to parry weapons such as prevent and attackers sword from sliding down the shaft. In formation, a group of spearmen could utilize longer wings to hold a group of attackers at bay.

To Hunt

During the hunt these types of spears can also prevent over-penetration of a charging animal like a bear or wild boar. There are specific hunting spears made for this exact purpose.

The Purpose of a Winged Spearhead

The primary purpose of a Winged Spearhead was to serve as a versatile weapon that could be used for thrusting, slashing, and throwing. The versatility of the winged spearhead made it a popular weapon among soldiers of various civilizations throughout history. It was effective in both close-range combat and ranged combat, and it could be used against heavily-armored opponents.

Can a winged spear head be used for thrusting

The primary use of the winged spearhead was for thrusting. The long pole allowed soldiers to keep their enemies at a safe distance, while the wings on the spearhead helped to stabilize it during a thrust. This made it easier for soldiers to pierce their enemy's armor and cause significant damage.

Can you slash with a winged spear?

While the primary use of the winged spearhead was for thrusting, it could also be used for slashing. The wings on the spearhead could be used to hook an opponent's shield, allowing the soldier to pull it aside and strike their enemy with the blade. This technique was especially effective against shield walls, where soldiers stood closely together, holding their shields in front of them.

Can winged spear heads be used for throwing?

The winged spearhead could also be used for throwing. The long pole and lighter-weighted spearheads made it an effective ranged weapon. Soldiers could hurl the spear at their enemy from a distance, causing significant damage. The wings on the spearhead made it easier to throw accurately, as they acted as a guide, keeping the spear on its intended path. This particular spearhead is quite large and heavy so it wouldn't be the best spearhead to use for throwing.


Reliks Product ID 7163
Manufacturer SKU AH7220H
Available Options Sharpening Service (add to cart to select)
Blade Length 18"
Blade Type Tempered/Functional
Blade Width at Widest Point 4 1/4"
Diameter 1 1/16"
Full Length 24"
Material EN45 High Carbon Steel
Weight 2.8 lb

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