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De Joinville Sword

By: Windlass Steelcrafts

De Joinville Sword
Windlass Steelcrafts

Hardwood Grip

The sire De Joinville was a French knight known for his bravery and devotion to his king, St. Louis. During the 7th Crusade, he was attacked by a Saracen after having lost his lance. So the valiant De Joinville tucked this sword under his arm as you would a lance, charged and slew his opponent. His valorous action inspired our choice of his name for this beautiful weapon. A very popular design during the 1400's due to its ease of punching through armour of the day. The whole style of this simple piece is quite lovely and puts emphasis on the deadly nature of it. Made from 1065 high carbon steel by the smiths at Windlass. Includes leather scabbard with metal throat and tip. Hilt parts are antiqued steel and the grip is hand-carved hardwood and stained a rich hue.

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Product Code: 6797

Price: $194.99 USD


Sharpening Service ( $17.99 ) We sharpen single or double sided cutting edges so they are suitable for cutting sword targets. If an artificial edge is present (commonly found on cutlass). The artificial edge will not be sharpnened as it is not meant to be sharp.

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  • Product Code: 6797
  • SKU: 501694
  • Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts
  • Blade Length: 27 1/2"
  • Blade Material: 1065 High Carbon Steel
  • Full Length: 36"
  • Handle Material: Hardwood
  • Scabbard: Leather
  • Weight: 2 lb 12 oz

  • *Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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"Nice sword overall but this fake antiqued finish is very ugly" - (3/5)

"I'm very pleased with the De Joinville Sword.. Light, balanced well. Easy to handle." - (5/5)

"I don't have much experience with swords but I really like the De Joinville. I feel that for the price it's a great product" - (5/5)

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