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Polishes and Protects

Would you like to protect the swords, knives and other edged weapons in your collection against the damaging effects of humidity, heat, dust, environmental destruction, aging and ordinary wear? Renaissance Wax provides a barrier against fingerprints and the damage of water, tarnishing and corrosion. Due to its high moisture resistance, it forms a durable, lustrous protective coating. It's a blend of refined waxes used by the British Museum, Tower Of London and The Royal Armouries to revive and protect valuable metals, furniture, leather, paintings and more. Renaissance Wax buffs easily to a hard, transparent finish that will not discolour. Excellent spread-ability and indefinite shelf life make Renaissance Wax economical and convenient, even for very large objects and infrequent use. A small dab goes a long way, unlike most waxes that need generous application. 200 ml container.


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H - Verified Buyer

"Great product. Gave a nice mellow glow to the metal on my swords. I expect overall maintance to be much simpler with this product"

C - Verified Buyer

"Have not used it yet. it should be very good from what I read."

B - Verified Buyer

"Very nice, I have a dog that shed's a lot and his hair happends to get everwhere, I noticed 1 or 2 had stuck to the sword with the oil on it, i assume dust would be doing the same thing, but with the wax on it, it actually has a protective layer"

M - Verified Buyer

"Very impressed with how far a very small amount will go"

D - Verified Buyer

"Extremely efficient, worth it's price"

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