Karambit Trainer

By: Cold Steel

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Perfect for Drills

The Karambit Trainer is a training version of the Cold Steel Karambit knife that has been fashioned to look as realistic as possible: for effective use in practice, training drills, disarming drills, and demonstrations. The 4" Santoprene blade has a level of firmness that could cause injury to the face or the eyes. The use of appropriate eye and face protection is recommended. The Santoprene handle is deeply checkered for sure grip, and it has a ring pommel.


Reliks Product ID 6305
Manufacturer SKU 92R49
Blade Length 4"
Full Length 9 1/8"
Handle Length 5 1/8"
Material Santoprene
Weight 3.2 oz

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D - Verified Buyer

"Really happy with this product."

H - Verified Buyer

"durable. user friendly. great quality "

T - Verified Buyer

"Good for safely training spinning of the karambit although if used for theoretical combat one wouldn't really do any spinning in real fight as pinning is mostly just for show. One negative is that it's very light in weight so that it doesn't really feel the same as the steel karambit. It could be useful in doing safe sparring using realistic techniques."

P - Verified Buyer

"Excellent quality feels good to flip."

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