Yanone Katana

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Inspired by the Samurai Archer

The Samurai were well known for their use of the bow and it was common place as far back as the 3rd century BC. As different as the samurai appeared to the rest of the world so was their asymmetrical bow which was unique to Japan. These bow were used in duels between two mounted samurai similar to the medieval joust as well as were very effective in full battle. The samurai would also have a selection of signaling arrowheads made with unique carvings to deliver a distinct whistling sound as the air passed through it. These were fired high into the air over enemy lines to summon the Kami and alert their Shinto gods of the brave and honorable deeds that were forthcoming.

The Creation of the Theme

The Yanone Katana takes the roots of the samurai and blends them into an unmistakable and powerful theme. The Japanese arrowhead motif is featured through this katana from tsuba to kashira. With a black on black nylon tsuka and sageo, black lacquered saya and furniture are contrasted by the white synthetic samegawa and the copper toned fletching menuki on both sides of the tsuka. The colors and materials selected extols simplicity however, the pierced tsuba with 3 unique arrowhead styles and the basket weave on the fuchi and kashira are anything but subdued.

Top Performance, Low Price

Where the theme is beautiful and will start many conversations, the performance is where the Yanone katana really shines. The thick 26 3/4” forged blade has a real hamon for the traditionalist though it is not fully polished for the rigors of cutting. This piece is built for the dojo and is a great starter piece for the beginner but will be fully utilized by an intermediate martial artist. This sword offers great value for your money and it will bring you a lot of enjoyment during tameshigiri.


Reliks Product ID 6290
Manufacturer SKU SD35330
Blade Length 27"
Blade Material 1566 High Carbon Steel
Full Length 39 1/8"
Handle Length 11"
Sori 7/8"
Weight 2lb 6oz

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M - Verified Buyer

"Very good value. Appears to be well Crafted. Only complaint is a little ratttley in scabbard."

Response: The Traditional Maintenance Kit contains shims that can be used to adjust the saya to your desired fit.

S - Verified Buyer

"Very nice finish on the blade, very sharp already Sliced & Diced, nice Balance, Great Katana!!!!"