Tori Katana Performance Series

By: Paul Chen - Hanwei

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Designed For Martial Artists

The Tori folded katana is one of the most elegant mounts ever crafted by CAS/Hanwei that incorporates truly elegant furniture with the functionality of our performance series. Featuring a flying crane tsuba, brown leather tsuka-ito over black same and a dark brown/black saya, the Tori is available in three folded steel cutting blade profiles. Features include a folded steel blade and premium fittings.

Performance Series Katana Information

Our Performance Series Katana are the culmination of years of study of the optimum blade designs for today's martial artists. Three distinct variations are available, each optimized for a particular discipline or cutting application. The blade geometry and physical characteristics of each of the Tameshigiri (cutting practice) blades are tailored towards different targets. The Elite Katana's blade is a little wider than its traditional counterpart, allowing for easier cuts on normal tameshigiri targets, while that of the Katana XL is significantly wider, producing a very thin edge that will sail right through traditional cutting targets such as multiple rolled and soaked tatami mats. The Katana XL Light has the XL's profile but is provided with bo-hi (groove or fuller), reducing the weight to the point where double cuts are possible but clean cuts on tameshigiri targets may still be made. The traditional soaked tatami mat is the ideal target, but foam noodles can be an inexpensive substitute. The thinner blade profiles of the XL and XL Light are not meant for hard target cutting such as bamboo or wooden dowels. The Performance Series allows the user to select the blade that has been designed from the ground up with blade geometry specially adapted to the needs of each Japanese Martial Arts discipline.
Performance Series Specs:

Tori Elite Katana:
Frequent Cutting/Occasional Drawing Practice
Blade Length: 28”
Handle Length: 11”
Overall Length: 40”
Weight: 2lb 7oz

Tori XL Katana:
Heavy Competitive Cutting
Blade Length: 28 ½”
Handle Length: 11”
Overall Length: 41”
Weight: 2lb 11oz

Tori XL Light Katana:
Competitive Cutting/Light Weight
Blade Length: 28 ½”
Handle Length: 11”
Overall Length: 41”
Weight: 2lb 9oz


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