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Taka (Hawk) Katana

By: SkyJiro Forge

Taka (Hawk) Katana - SJ9 - SkyJiro Forge
SkyJiro Forge

The Taka is part of Skyjiro Forges' Mikado Class of premier katana. This class is for the high-level martial artist and collector. It is hand crafted from "Tamahagane" Iron Sand. Hand forged and folded in the most traditional way, with smithing techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. This “Shihan” (Master line) carries a superior grade of Kobuse. Skyjiro folds the core at this level for better shock absorption, strength, and flexibility. The blade geometry is designed with perfect “niku” (blade belly) for strength and durability. These blades are polished with Japanese water stones to a perfect edge. As well for this grade, Skyjiro applies the final Japanese finger stone polishing technique, however they go one step further with a “Show Grade” mirror polish. This shows the desired classic differential look on the blades surface that a judge is looking for. Each and every blade is unique, made to the highest standard for critical perfection. They are fully capable of cutting both live bamboo and tatami omote targets. The Taka Katana is sure to surpass all your expectations including a premium hardwood saya with stingray skin and water buffalo horn. Skyjiro Forge has taken the utmost care to design their kanagu (fittings) for classical authenticity and jewelry grade yellow bronze. This gives the Mikado series the highest level of integrity of product excellence and Skyjiro Forge stand behind their products with all of the Budo virtues of Samurai legacy.

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Skyjiro Mikado Class Taka Taka Hawk Katana Taka Katana Blade Polish Taka Katana Habaki Taka Katana Kashira Taka Katana Kobuse Construction Taka Katana Tamahagane Taka Katana Tsuba Taka Katana Tsuka Taka Menuki

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Product Code: 5893

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  • Product Code: 5893
  • SKU: SJ9
  • Brand: SkyJiro Forge
  • Blade Construction: Kobuse / Iron Core
  • Blade Length: 29"
  • Blade Material: Tamahagane (Sand Iron)
  • Blade Tempering: Differential Clay Tempering
  • Menuki: Jewelry-Grade Yellow Bronze
  • Sori: 2 cm
  • Tsuka Ito/Sageo: Japanese Silk
  • Weight: 2 lb 4 oz

  • *Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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