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Katsumushi Katana - Limited Edition

Katsumushi Katana - Limited Edition - CH1510 -

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Reliks is proud to announce the release of the Katsumushi Katana. The Katsumushi is a 500 pc. limited edition collaboration between Paul Chen along with the Hanwei forge and Reliks Swords and Collectibles. Traditionally known in Japan as katsumushi, or the "invincible insect," the dragonfly is a favourite symbol of strength and victory, admired for its elegance and lightness, yet it is also a symbol of Japan herself, as the shape of the islands are said to resemble this intriguing insect. This functional katana takes inspiration from the strength of the dragonfly with an antiqued solid iron tsuba with cut outs depicting the dragonfly alongside a set of bulrush. The dragonfly theme is also carried to the antiqued kashira and fuchi as well as boasting copper finished dragonfly menuki. The 11" tsuka has been dressed in black same or ray skin and expertly wrapped in premium Japanese cotton with a "katate-maki" coil wrap or war wrap(battle wrap). The seppa and habaki have also been constructed with copper to match the menuki with this traditional Japanese material. The Katsumushi Katana features a hand forged 28.5" 1065 high carbon steel blade and is differentially tempered using traditional clay tempering methods to produce a HRC60 edge and HRC40 spine. This allows for superior edge holding and cutting ability while allowing the blade to absorb the shock of a blow. The temper line is prominent with a notare (wave) hamon with accenting toran (high wave) near the point of balance and the effective cutting area. The wooden saya features a black stone finish with polished horn fittings along with green Japanese cotton sageo. The Katsumushi Katana is supplied with a protective cloth bag as well as a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Paul Chen.

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