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Sword of Ibelin (Balian) - Kingdom of Heaven

Sword of Ibelin (Balian) - Kingdom of Heaven - 500816 -

Product Description

The amazing sword of Ibelin that is passed down to Balian (Orlando Bloom) for their Holy quest. Hand forged high carbon steel blade, with pommel and crossguard plated in a rich sterling silver. The most unique aspect of the Sword of Ibelin is the translucent red cross imbedded in the pommel that has been expertly replicated from the movie prop. This piece is much more than just a hollywood reproduction as it is a fully functional European sword. The handle features a real hardwood grip with both leather and wire accents. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. This piece includes matching wall plaque and certificate of authenticity. Authentic reproductions of the actual swords in the film and licensed through 20th Century Fox. Overall-45" * Blade-36" * Wt-3 lbs.

Product Specifications

  • Product Code: 2068
  • SKU: 500816

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