Roman Pompeii Gladius

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Sword from the Pompeii Ruins

The Roman Military was a feared opponent due to it's advanced formations that would quickly overwhelm an enemy force. One of the most effective use of a gladius was in formation behind the protection of a Roman shield wall. This type of later version gladius known as the Pompeii (circa 100) had a shorter point but were just as effective as the earlier “wasp wasted” blades and were easier and less expensive to make. Under the leadership and advanced tactics of the Roman legions this would become the sword that conquered most of the known world. The Pompeii has an ash and maple handle with a functional high carbon steel blade. The original Roman gladius were excavated from the ruins of Pompeii. You can see examples in H. Russell Robinson's book "What The Soldiers Wore On Hadrian's Wall."

How it's Made

This sword hand forged from a billet of high carbon steel and has a diamond cross section meaning the blade is thicker in the middle and tapers to the edge. The raised centre increases the rigidity of the blade for thrusting however remains flexible enough to absorb the shock of the thrust or slash. The hilt is constructed using Ash and Maple wooden parts. The blade has a full tang that extends through the hilt and secured with a pommel button. Read more about "Roman Gladius"


Reliks Product ID 1303
Manufacturer SKU 500598
Blade Length 20"
Blade Material 1075 High Carbon Steel
Blade Width at Guard 2 1/8"
Blade Width at Tip 2 1/8"
Edge Type Factory Sharpened
Full Length 27 1/2"
Grip Length 3 1/2"
Guard Width 2 7/8"
Handle Length 7 1/2"
Point of Balance 4 1/4"
Pommel Button
Scabbard Leather Wrapped / Wood Core
Sword Weight 2 lb 6 oz

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L - Verified Buyer

"The base of the blade is loose and so is the handle, but other than that I enjoy it "

Response: Sorry about that. To correct this give the brass pommel nut a small clockwise turn. It will tighten everything up.

P - Verified Buyer

"Sturdy, well made, authentic, beautiful craftsmanship, and historically accurate anybody that's disappointed with this sword doesn't know what they're talking about"

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