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Popular with Saxons, Angles, Viking and Germanic Tribes

The Viking Seax also known as the sax wasn't limited to the vikings. This type of knife was commonly carried throughout many cultures in Northern Europe including the Saxons, Angles and Germanic tribes. It is suspected that the Seax pre-dates the fall of Rome and continued to be used until sometime in the early middle ages. Specifications varied greatly depending on the maker and to the users preference from small 3” lengths extending to the length of a shorts sword around 27-28 inches. The blade profile would vary greatly as well, with this knife being modelled off a piece that can be viewed in the British Museum.

How it was Used

The sax is a beautiful and very efficient knife capable of many working tasks. The originals were viewed as general purpose knives that were used for camp work and daily cutting needs. They were also used at sea where their thick blade was suitable for chopping rope or tending to sails. They were not usually used for war but if it happened that your sword or axe was not available it could be lethal in the hands of a skilled knife fighter. The lobed pommel and guard are made from brass and the wood grip is studded with brass tacks giving it a surprisingly comfortable and secure grip.

How it's Made

The blade is forged by a professional blade smith out of a billet of high carbon steel and then heated and oil quenched to a perfect temper. This process gives the blade improved durability and the ability to absorb the shock of impact when chopping. The blade is etched on both sides for aesthetics. The included leather sheath is riveted and laced like the originals to tie to a waist belt.


Reliks Product ID 1466
Manufacturer SKU 401022
Blade Length 13"
Blade Material 1075 High Carbon Steel
Blade Thickness 1/8"
Blade Width 1 5/8"
Edge Type Factory Sharpened
Full Length 19"
Weight 1 lb

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J - Verified Buyer

"My son, for whom it was a gift, was thrilled with it."

O - Verified Buyer

"It is a very special item. The saxon culture is always under-represented so it's a delight to see this stuff"

N - Verified Buyer

"Looks and feels great! Lost 1/2 a mark since the collar was annoyingly loose and lost another 1/2 mark due to the blade being slighly warped near the tip. Overall, excellent Seax!"

B - Verified Buyer

" Would have liked to have known about the country of origin prior to having bought it, as well as the quality of the metal making up the blade. Although beautiful, I question its functionality and I do plan on using it while camping this summer to test its durability and quality."

Response: This piece is made by Windlass Steelcrafts in India. You should have no problems with this historical reproduction.

A - Verified Buyer

"The etching on the blade is much darker than the display photo indicates, and threatens to overwhelm the beauty of the piece. The blade also has the manufacturer's stamp running into the etching on one side, which doesn't look particularly nice. Problems are only aesthetic, and is a very nice piece overall."

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