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1827 Mississippi Sandbar

In 1827 the famous duel occurred on a Mississippi River sandbar. Jim Bowie found himself in the middle of the ruckus armed with only a knife. Before being stabbed, shot and badly beaten Bowie single handedly cut one man to shreds before disemboweling a second. The Bowie knife was referred to as Jim’s butcher knife used at the sandbar fight. Jim's older brother told a story of a blacksmith named Snowden making a hunting knife for Jim that was used in the famous duel. Either way the bowie knife became legendary.

Jim Bowie's Legend Continues

In 1830 in Texas, Jim Bowie wield his knife against three men hired to kill him. In the end, one man was almost beheaded, another was disemboweled and the third had his skull split open. When the Alamo was overrun by Mexico, Jim Bowie was in the Low Barracks with his knife and pistol at hand. The legend says that before he was killed, he took out nine of the oncoming soldiers.

The Legendary Knife Today

Early bowie knives were large, tough and sharp like this hand forged knife. The blade is over a foot long and comes to a needle point like the the one from the legends. The brass strip on spine is an intentional defensive device designed to catch the edge of an attacker's blade during a parry. This 1 1/2 lb knife has been tested by cutting 4” saplings. It comes complete with a hand stitch leather sheath. This knife is hand forged and sharpened by Windlass Steelcrafts.


Reliks Product ID 2137
Manufacturer SKU 400884
Blade Length 13"
Blade Material High Carbon Steel
Blade Thickness 3/16"
Blade Width at Guard 2 3/8"
Edge Type Factory Sharpened
Grip Length 5 1/4"
Guard Length 4 3/4"
Handle Material Hardwood
Weight 1 1/2 lbs

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V - Verified Buyer

"Great for the money. Nice balance. Heat treat not bad at all. I hope the tang is deep in the handle but it is hidden without pins so time will tell. The sheath would be good if it had a stitch protector, unfortunately the blade cuts the threads immediately. Overall it was a gamble that I'm happy I made. "

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"Once again excellent service. I received exactly what was described. I'm very satisfied with the service provided. Thanks Reliks. "

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"Great knife! beat it up all day and nothings loose but the sheath is kinda trashy the stitches gets cut when you take the knife in and out but overall great finish and good knife making quality"

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