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Assisted Opening Knives offers a great selection of assisted knives. These knives are carefully selected to ensure they are 100% legal to own in Canada. Often confused as “switch blades” or “automatic” knives these assisted openers are not “spring loaded” , have no switches and can not open automatically. These knives are assisted only, making them easier to open safely with one hand. Buck, Kershaw and SOG Canadian Legal assisted knives are available at

Assisted Opening Knives »

Everyday Carry Knives (EDC)

If you are looking for a practical (EDC) Every Day Carry knife you will find a great selection of pocket knives here that are perfectly suited for daily tasks.

Everyday Carry Knives (EDC) »


Reliks carries several multi-tools from the classic Swiss Army knife to the more modern recognized folding multi-tool designs based off of a pair of pliers.

Multi-Tools »

Folding Tactical Knives

We offer a selection of economical tactical folders up to military grade tactical folding knives that can be depended on when they are needed the most.

Folding Tactical Knives »

Novelty / Collectible Folding Knives

Sometimes your knife doesn't need to be practical, maybe your knife could just be fun. Novelty pocket knives break down that barrier, look good and are just a great addition to your knife collection.

Novelty / Collectible Folding Knives »

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