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Throwing Knives

Throwing knives is a very fun sport to enjoy or to learn. We offer a wide variety of throwing knives for the beginner up to competition level. You will find pieces by Gil Hibben, SOG, United Cutlery and Perfect Point! We carry tradition single edge throwing knives, double edged throwers as well as the famous “ringed throwers”, the Japanese kunai.

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Tactical Survival Knives

Our selection of tactical knives is a collection of top quality pieces from various manufactures such as SOG, Ka-Bar and Zero Tolerance. We offer a wide variety of tactical knives from collector grade to full Military and Police knives. With our extensive line of tactical knives and military knives you will be able to find a molle compatible piece for your military kit or just a new cool tactical knife to add to your collection!

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Chef / Cooking Knives

Some handy and practical knives to keep around the kitchen for chopping vegetables, preparing meats or even fileting a fish.

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Fixed Hunting Knives

We offer a great selection of knives for the new and avid hunter or fisherman. Reliks offers a selection of skinning knives, caping knives, gut hooks for hunting and fillet knives for the fisherman. We offer quality hunting knives and fishing knives made by top knife manufacture Buck who build all of there knives out of quality materials. Buck hunting knives have a “forever warranty” so you can enjoy the hunt without worrying about your tools.

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Bowie Knives

The Jim Bowie or Bowie knife has come from legends from the famous sandbar fight to the last stand at the Alamo. These knives are large, sharp and tough.

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We offer a wide range of machete from Ka-bar's selection of heavy machete camp knive's to Cold Steels collection of historically inspired machete. These pieces are great for the avid outdoors-man as well as collector. Machete are also great to use on your sword targets.

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The kukri or knife of the gurkha has been gaining popularity with the outdoorsman. Its unique shape gives it remarkable chopping power and can easily spit wood so you can leave your hatchet at home. The versatile blade also makes it a good work knife for other camp site tasks.

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Neck Knives

Neck knives are made to have a slim profile so they can fit comfortably against the chest underneath the shirt or above the shirt where laws don't permit concealed carry. The sheaths will fit the blade firmly so that it can be carried tip up and drawn from underneath.

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Bushcraft Knives

A good Buchcrafter could mean life or death in wilderness survival. We have several top brand bushcraft knives that are all business and great around the campsite. These knives really shine during extreme camping and wilderness expeditions by the adventurer and outdoorsman.

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Training Knives

Increase your self defence skills with a good training knife. There are several knife fighting styles and many martial arts disciplines that can teach you open hand defence to protect you from an attacker armed with a knife

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