Mukade Katana

By: Bugei
Mukade Katana Mukade Katana
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Ron Chen Exclusive

A limited edition of only 10, the Mukade Katana produced by Ron Chen in his forge in Taiwan. According to Japanese folklore the Mukade (giant centipede) is immortal and a sign of success in battle. Famed Shogun Takeda Shingen took the image of the Mukade for his war banner, along with the Furinkazan from Sun Tzu - “as swift as wind, as gentle as forest, as fierce as fire, as unshakable as mountain.” This set is the original metal work by renowned Japanese metal fittings artist Roman Urban. Concept and design by James and Christopher Williams of Bugei. Sword and fittings forged by Ron Chen, sole authorship. The Mukade Katana flows in one smooth curve from the kissaski to the kashira flawlessly. The smooth black leather ito grips gently in the hand as its intricately wrapped in katatemaki style around white same (ray skin). The long menuki feature the kanji from Sun Tzu mantra as well as give focus and firmness in the tsuka. The 14" tsuka allows for versatility in your grip. To allow for strength and flexibility, the 28 7/8" blade is made from SN490 steel which is that same steel used in the construction of buildings in Japan that's resistant to earthquakes. The choji hamon pattern whisps across the edge of the blade to the habaki which is etched in the Rain pattern. With 3/4" sori, this blade will cut with resilience and strength. Housing this subtle yet powerful blade is a black textured wooden saya with a buffalo horn kurikata with black cotton sageo. Few katana have ever been conceived with as much thought, input and collaboration from so many great and creative minds. With only ten Mukade Katana to ever be made, you will not want this sword to be lost to history.


Reliks Product ID 6951
Manufacturer SKU SR1910
Blade Length 28 7/8"
Blade Material SN490
Blade Thickness 5.7 mm
Full Length 44 3/8"
Tsuka Length 14"
Weight 2 lb 6 oz

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