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Traditional Jintachi

Traditional Jintachi

At the beginning of the Kamakura Period (1185-1388) Yoritomo led the Minamoto family to victory over the Taira clan and established a government based on the Samurai feudal code of loyalty and service. He appointed loyal vassals to high offices. This rise of the warrior caste stimulated improvements in the art of sword making. Some years later Minamoto Mitsungka developed large-scale iron mining on his lands and cultivated the art of swordsmithing, raising these artisans to a status akin to priesthood. During this period the main sword of the Samurai was the tachi, a long, deeply curved sword worn slung from the left side, edge down. This piece measures aprox 41 inches overall with a 27 1/4" blade and an extra long 11 3/4 inch handle.

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