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Dragon Macleod Katana

In 1536, Scottish clansman Connor MacLeod is mortally wounded in battle by the Kurgan. Miraculously, his wounds heal. He settles in a remote spot as a blacksmith, marrying a warm-hearted farm girl. Five years later, he's sought out by Ramirez, who teaches him that they, like the Kurgan, are immortals, who can die only by decapitation, fated to duel down the ages to a mysterious distant time called the Gathering. MacLeod wants no part of this, but cannot escape his destiny. This was the beginning of the Highlander. Duncan MacLeod is tributed with this replica sword. The 12" handle is a simulated ivory look with the dragons head. The sharpened stainless steel blade is 27 1/2" with an overall total length of 42". The scabbard is finished in black with brass coloured fittings.

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  • Product Code: 1409
  • SKU: JL-009

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"Of course this is a cheap blade, cheap plastic handle, but it looks great and that is it's only use. I challenge anyone to find a less expensive Macleod replica." - (5/5)

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