Padded Arming Cap - Black

By: Get Dressed For Battle (GDFB)

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The arming cap, worn under mail coifs and helmets, provides both scalp protection against abrasion and a certain amount of shock absorption. Crafted in padded canvas with neck ties. One size fits most.


Reliks Product ID 4929
Manufacturer SKU AB2930

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F - Verified Buyer

"Well made and functional."

J - Verified Buyer

"the cap fits quite snug and offers a lot of padding; some may find it a tad bit bulky but I quite like it and consider it well worth the money spent. Seems well constructed from rugged material, I'm quite happy with this piece. "

C - Verified Buyer

"A little bit stiff but hopefully it will breakin in time "

K - Verified Buyer

"Too small and too thick. It would not fit my head. If I did pull it on hard, the Coif would not fit over it."

Response: It is very thick for HEMA and WMA which requires alot of padding for safety.

C - Verified Buyer

"This is an excellent piece, very solid and thick, just as it's meant to be. Fits quite snugly by itself, but the included tie is a welcome addition. Will easily protect your head from any abrasions while wearing chain coifs or plate helms. Not a substitute for actual head protection; its functionality nevertheless cannot be overstated."

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