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Penannular Brooch

These hand forged carbon steel penannular brooches are practical, functional and beautiful. The cloak pins are strong and made to be used. In the severe climate of northern Europe, the brooch became the typical ornament of the era, because it normally functioned as a fastening for a heavy tunic or cloak. With a penannular brooch, the pin is pushed through folds of the cloth, which are then pulled back inside the ring; the free end of the pin passes through the gap in the ring. The pin is then rotated around the ring by 90 degrees or so, so that as long as the pin is held down by slight pressure it cannot escape over the terminals, and the fastening is secure. Available in three distinct styles for your favourite cloak. Medieval Cloak Pin-Approx. 3" wide. Celtic Claok Pin -Approx. 3 1/4" wide. Viking Cloak Pin - Approx. 3 1/4" wide.


Reliks Product ID 6832
Manufacturer SKU HS-44
Available Options Celtic ,Medieval ,Viking (add to cart to select)
Material Carbon Steel

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"Given as a gift, excellent price,lovely."

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"Really nice and heavy. It holds my cloak closed. The only problem is that I'm apparently allergic to the metal, but as long as don't touch it I'm fine."