European Baldric Black

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A favourite way to wear a sword since biblical times, the use of the baldric continued even into the 17th century. While much of the weight of the sword rested on the hip, the shoulder strap provided extra support from the opposite side of the body. This added balance and comfort. Assyrians, Romans and Vikings are all shown in contemporary art wearing baldrics. This European Baldric can be worn with any sword we sell. Fits any period. Frog is left open so you can stitch it closed to fit the sword of your choice. Oil tanned leather. Black with silver buckle. This Baldric is available in right handed only. Does not include waist belt. Shoulder baldric only.


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"instead of stitching, i've used chicago screws to fasten scabbard to baldric (works well). Will not cut along stitch over time."

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"Would have been nice if it came with instructions on how to sew it/finish it off to hold the scabbard."