Roman Belt (Cingulum Militaire)

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Suitable For Roman Re-enactment

The Roman soldier's belt is primarily ornamental signified rank of officers and soldiers was called a Cingulum Militaire. The belt was comprised of a studded leather belt with varying numbers of hanging leather strips that were sometimes heavily decorated metal discs and rings. This particular example is based off one design that was popular around 100 A.D. This piece is clothing grade suitable for roman re-enactments and cosplay. The belt will accommodate up to a size 46" waist.

The Parts of The Belt

  • Baltea:This is the hanging band and was compounded for an overall band.
  • Bulla: The rivets on the Baltea.
  • Pensilium:The pendants at the end of the strap of the belt.
  • Lamna:The discus at the end of each apron strip that embrace the pensilium.
  • Fibula:The buckle of the belt.


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