European Knights Sword

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A Timeless Testament to Templar Valour

Embodied within the echoes of the medieval epoch lies the emblematic 15th century Templar Knight, a timeless symbol of unassailable honour and unrelenting devotion to duty. These knights are celebrated remnants of the illustrious Knights Templar, a legendary order established in the tumultuous days of the early 12th century. Emerging as the embodiment of martial prowess and spiritual sanctity, these warriors undertook the perilous task of safeguarding pilgrims traversing the dangerous landscapes of the Holy Land during the chaotic periods of the Crusades.

A Beacon of Honor and Purity

The Templar Knights were widely acknowledged for their unique amalgamation of monastic devotion and exceptional combatant skills, donning distinctive white mantles emblazoned with a red cross, which symbolized their holy vow to uphold the Christian faith. The 15th century Templar Knight epitomizes the peak of this revered order’s influence, demonstrating an exceptional command over swords and shields, manifesting unparalleled mastery in combat. These warriors stood as a beacon of unwavering courage and purity in a time imbued with war and spiritual quests, weaving their tales into the rich tapestry of medieval history.

The European Knights Sword by Deepeeka draws its inspiration from the valorous tales and noble duty of the Templar Knights. This piece is more than just an aesthetic marvel; it is meticulously crafted, employing techniques that mirror those utilized to forge the original weapons of this venerable order. The sword boasts an EN45 high carbon steel blade, heat tempered to attain the flexibility required for cutting targets. Although the sword is initially un-edged, there is an option available for sharpening. The exquisite detailing in the leather work of the scabbard stands out, possibly the most underappreciated yet most striking aspect of this Templar sword.

A Glimpse into the Profound Past

The European Knights Sword is a fascinating recreation of a symbol of unrivaled honour and relentless duty, inviting admirers to delve deep into the profound tapestry of the medieval era. It provides a glimpse into the time where chivalry and devotion were the linchpins of a knight’s existence, reflecting the ethos of an epoch marked by tumult, spiritual quests, and legendary warriors.

This piece, saturated with the profound narratives of the Templar Knights, is a treasure for those enchanted by the meticulous details and rich histories of bygone eras, offering a tactile connection to the valour and spiritual purity that marked the lives of these legendary warriors. The vivid tales of the Templar Knights' unwavering resolve and unyielding commitment to their sacred oath continue to resonate, encapsulated in the magnificent craftsmanship of the European Knights Sword.


Reliks Product ID 7202
Manufacturer SKU AH7059T
Available Options Sharpening Service (add to cart to select)
Blade Length 35 3/4"
Blade Material EN45 High Carbon Steel
Blade Type Tempered/Functional
Blade Type Tempered
Blade Width 2 1/4"
Edge Type Edge Ready / Sharpening Optional
Full Length 46"
Grip Length 7 1/4"
Handle Material Leather
Scabbard Wood/Leather
Sword Weight 3.8 lb.
Sword, Scabbard Weight 5.4 lb.

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