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Built For The Brawl

It's a cold world now, not just literally. No warm thoughts of sunshine on your face or the comfort of your bed or close companionship. Nothing is colder than your perspective than the piece of steel wielded in your hand. Nothing helps you more with the chilly reality that your APOC Yataghan. Built for the brawl, the 17" blade helps you split the difference between a long knife and short sword with an overall length of 23 3/8". The slightly recurved black oxidized coated blade is capable of powerful cuts for a single hand weapon. This full tang beast of a blade bashes out destruction as needed.


Reliks Product ID 6810
Manufacturer SKU SD35520
Blade Length 17"
Blade Material 9260 Spring Steel
Full Length 23 3/8"
Handle Length 6 1/4"
Handle Material G10
Thickness 6.3 mm
Weight 1 lb 6 oz

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4/5 average from 3 reviews

Reliks Customer Reviews

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T - Verified Buyer

"Well made very sharp, thicker blade with good distal taper but stronger than a thin machete blade, but I think it would work great as a machete or light brush cutting blade. No issues with any chopping, but the handle scales are tapered to narrower toward the blade and a bit slippery, the bottom shoulder of the blade acts somewhat like a lower guard to keep the hand from slipping forward on a thrust, but it's narrow and hurts the index finger when the hand slips forward, might be too small to keep the hand from slipping onto the sharp edge if one thrusts into something hard. The handle scales would be much improved if they had a lower forward part making the blade shoulder contact area much wider for both comfort and safety. I think I could make wooden scale that would correct this issue as the handle scales are held on with screws, so this could be a DIY project."

C - Verified Buyer

"An excellent product, the only downside was the fitting of the G10 handle scales was a little careless but easily remedied with a little sandpaper but otherwise the blade was well made and sharp out of the box. "

B - Verified Buyer

"As a tank sword it's perfect, but i wouldn't do cutting with the factory edge. It is very steep (about 35 to 45 degrees at the tip!) but it makes it stand to abuse. Perfect to bash dead trunks and cutting small branches. The forward curve helps with that and gives it a really nice feel. The handle is a bit too square, though, and after some hard impact it becomes very uncomfortable. The sword fits the sheath really well, it won't go anywhere and is reasonably easy to draw using the thumb to push the sword out. All and all great blade for the price, very sturdy and perfect for some fun in the woods."

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