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Rattan Bo Staff

Rattan Bo Staff

The rattan bo staff is fast and light. For the martial artist who spends many hours training this light weight, yet very strong staff is much desired. The rattan bow staff is very nice for striking excercises as the nature of the rattan absorbs most of the impact rather than your arms and hands.

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Product Code: 5013

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  • Product Code: 5013
  • SKU: 1901-6
  • Diameter: 1"
  • Length: 72"
  • Material: Rattan
  • Weight: 1 lb

  • *Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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" excellent tool for conditioning, range of motion, rhythm and timing for martial arts! Perfect for beginners." - (5/5)

"It's a natural product, so received it with a curve at one end 1 1/2' from end, not a true straightness, but the weight and balance still seem good?" - (4/5)

Reliks Response - This is normal, All rattan staff will have slight twists or bends at some point. They will not be excessive or affect their performance.

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