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Hues of Sherwood Forest

In the heart of Sherwood Forest, under the protective veil of its ancient trees, a legend was born. He was not just a mere mortal but an embodiment of rebellion and righteousness. His name? Robin of Locksley, the pride of English folklore, better known by his legendary title: Robin Hood.

Introducing the Outlaw Shirt – a tribute to the timeless tales of bravery and justice. Crafted with the passion of the famous folklore:

  • Mystic Hunter Green: A shade so deep, it mirrors the enchanting hues of Sherwood Forest, providing the perfect camouflage for those audacious moonlit escapades.
  • Durable Heavy Cotton Weave: Every thread tells a story of adventure and endurance, ensuring the shirt stands the test of time, just like the tales of our legendary outlaw.
  • Leather Lace-up Front: An ode to the ruggedness of the era, complemented by the refined touch of buttoned wrists, marrying resilience with elegance.

Across roaring campfires and in hushed tavern corners, stories of Robin Hood's valor and chivalry have been sung for ages. Now, it's your turn to don the garb of the legend. Your Robin Hood saga is incomplete without the enchanting hunter green hue of the Outlaw Shirt.

Embrace the spirit of the legendary archer, wear the legacy, and let your own tales of heroism unfold.


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