Leif's Earthbound Brown Tunic

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Paying Tribute to Leif Erikson

Leif Erikson, son of Erik the Red, inherited his father's adventurous spirit. Venturing further west than any Viking before him, it's believed he reached the shores of North America, five centuries before Columbus. This tunic's earthen brown hue is emblematic of the untouched lands Leif might have explored, the vast forests and the boundless earth waiting to reveal its secrets. By donning the Earthbound Brown Tunic, embrace the spirit of discovery and the thrill of venturing into the unknown, just as Leif Erikson did centuries ago.

Clothing Grade for Renactment

These wool blend Viking tunics are made with rich fabric which is heavy and accurate to the period. Small/Medium is ideal for people with a 40" and under chest, while the Large/X-Large is best for people with a 42" and over chest. Dry Clean Only.


Reliks Product ID 7214
Manufacturer SKU 100804-BROWN
Available Options Brown - Small/Medium ,Brown - Large/X-Large (add to cart to select)

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"Lightweight and beautiful, yet very functional and versitile - able to transition quickly from the battlefield, to feast-hall at a moments notice!"

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"warm, elegant, wool is of high quality and tough. I recommend this product highly for anyone who wants a tunic for all seasons! "

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