Bamboo Tanto

By: Bugei

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Forged and Folded

The Bamboo Tanto is a great companion piece to the Bugei Bamboo Katana. Made in the same tradition and high quality materials as the katana, this tanto performs in superior functionality and grace. The steel of these tanto are folded and forged, then clay coated and heated to a red hot state before being quenched in water. This forms a resilient softer steel body (45-48 RC) with an aggressively hard edge (59 RC). This provides exceptional strength and shock resistance with superior edge holding and cutting ability. Careful polishing reveals the hamon and hada showing off the different crystalline structures of the steel. Our tanto clearly show the martinsite edge, the pearlite body, and nioi crystalline structure that lights up on the true hamon. Both the tsuka and the saya are hand made for each individual tanto. This attention to detail means that you, our customer, get the best that we can provide.

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The overall motif mirrors that of the Bamboo Katana and would make a beautiful addition for the collector or the practitioner.


Reliks Product ID 6705
Manufacturer SKU SW1403
Blade Length 8 5/8"
Blade Material ASSAB-K120C Powder Steel
Full Length 15"
Handle Length 5"
Weight 9.6 oz

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