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Middle Eastern Sword

The Cold Steel Shamshir's expertly heat treated carbon steel blade has a deep curve and a narrow cross section, combined with a keen edge and a very sharp point. It's complimented by a brass crossbar hilt and a faux buffalo horn handle that terminates in a distinctive bulbous pommel. The pommel is slightly down turned to keep the wielder's grip as secure as possible when making hard cutting strokes. The beautiful hand-made scabbard is made of thick black leather (so it won't dull the blade) and reinforced by a brass throat and chape. The scabbard also comes complete with dual suspension rings for ease of carry or display.


Reliks Product ID 6932
Manufacturer SKU 88STS
Blade Length 30 1/2"
Blade Material 1055 Carbon Steel
Blade Thickness 3/16"
Full Length 36 1/4"
Handle Length 5 3/4"
Scabbard Included
Weight 28.3oz

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5/5 average from 3 reviews

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B - Verified Buyer

"Right out of the box it was the sharpest cold steel sword I've recieved. The scabbard was a nice touch and it fit the piece well. The shamshir was out of production for awhile and they were quite hard to come by, so I grabbed one as soon at it was in stock. This model is better in my opinion then the windlass version as the CS one has a longer grip to accommodate larger hands. For its cutting performance it functioned well but excelled in push and draw cuts. It cut through tatami, bottles and the hardest target to cut of all... Pool noodles. Clean cuts out of the box and with a little work on the edge with a worksharp or belt sander this thing would be ridiculously good for cutting. We did hit our cutting stand twice with it and there was no set or edge damage. This sword was light in the hand with a noticeable blade presence in the cut which might be why some find it heavy dispite mine weighing 2.1 lbs. More of a 4.5 out of 5 as the secondary edge bevel was super sharp on this one but quite noticeable. That's the only draw back I have with this sword. Cold steels quality seems to have improved over the years."