Vindonissa Fulham Gladius

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A Recreated 1st Century Sword from Roman Britain

The Deepeeka Vindonissa Fulham Gladius is a stunning reproduction of an original 1st century Roman sword discovered in the River Thames, now preserved in the British Museum. This magnificent sword, known as the "Fulham," was likely lost in battle during the Roman occupation of Britain, and its remains were discovered centuries later by the river's edge. The Deepeeka Vindonissa Fulham Gladius is an exceptional recreation of this historic weapon, reconstructed from only a discovered blade with a broken tang, to match the swords used during this period of Roman Britain.

Roman Britain: A Land of Conflict and Conquest

Roman Britain was a land of conflict and conquest, where the Roman Empire battled fiercely to establish its rule over the indigenous Britons. The Roman army played a crucial role in this conquest, with soldiers deployed from across the empire to fight in Britain. The Gladius, the classic sword of the Roman army, was a symbol of Roman power and a formidable weapon in battle. The Deepeeka Vindonissa Fulham Gladius is a stunning reminder of this period of history, crafted to match the swords used by Roman soldiers in Britain.

Deepeeka Vindonissa Fulham Gladius

The Deepeeka Vindonissa Fulham Gladius is a testament to the legacy of Roman Britain, a period of history that continues to fascinate and inspire. This sword is a must-have for collectors and history enthusiasts alike, featuring a hand forged and tempered high carbon steel blade. the Vindonissa Gladius is a unique and captivating piece that captures the might of Rome in a simple yet world changing sword; the Gladius.


Reliks Product ID 7152
Manufacturer SKU AH2010T
Available Options Sharpening Service (add to cart to select)
Blade Length 20 3/4"
Blade Material EN45 High Carbon Steel
Blade Type Tempered/Functional
Full Length 29"
Grip Length 3 3/4"
Handle Length 8"
Handle Material Bone/Wood
Scabbard Leather Wrapped / Wood Core
Sword Weight 1.6 lb
Sword, Scabbard Weight 2.4 lb

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