Vindonissa Fulham Gladius - Photo Gallery

fulham gladius top nut

Full tang blade with brass top nut assembly.

vindonissa scabbard

Scabbard with real brass fittings, and real leather with wooden core.

wood handle gladius

Wooden handle fittings with bone grip.

vindonissa fulham gladius

Deepeeka’s Fulham Gladius is modeled on the remains of an original 1st Century Gladius contained within the collection of the British Museum.

deepeeka gladius

This magnificent sword, known as the "Fulham," was likely lost in battle during the Roman occupation of Britain, and its remains were discovered centuries later by the river's edge.

deepeeka vindonissa gladius

The Deepeeka Vindonissa Fulham Gladius is an exceptional recreation of this historic weapon, reconstructed from only a discovered blade with a broken tang, to match the swords used during this period of Roman Britain.

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