Percussion Pirate Pistol

Percussion Pirate Pistol Percussion Pirate Pistol
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The Pirate Blunderbuss

This blunderbuss screams pirates from is single shot blunderbuss barrel to the seafarer embossed on the top of the barrel and to the swabby on the butt stock. This piece would have been 19th century with a percussion cap firing mechanism. This type of action came right after the flint lock where the powder would ignite from a cap eliminating the need to poor loose powder into the pan. It was more reliable especially in windy or rainy conditions. These types of pistol were favoured by seamen and pirates.

How is it made?

This is a high quality replica with real metal and wooden parts. It looks and feels real. You can even go as far as cocking and firing it with the trigger. It does not or can not be modified to fire projectiles. It is a really nice collector piece and also looks great for cosplay, enhancing the realism of your costuming.


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Length 14 3/4"

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