English Flintlock Pocket Pistol

English Flintlock Pocket Pistol English Flintlock Pocket Pistol
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Pocket Pistol or Muff Gun

The small pocket pistol was designed for the ladies and the gentlemen. It's small size made it easily concealable for those who did not wear a belt and holster. A pistol like this is generally called a "pocket pistol" or a "muff gun". A hand warming muff was a cylindrical covering of fur, fabric, feathers, or other soft material, with open ends into which the hands are placed to keep them warm. They were quite fashionable and used by women and stylish men of the times. The small flint lock pistol would fit inside comfortably or be carried in a handbag or pocket.

How Does It Work

This piece is a non-functional replica of the "muff pistol". The hammer (cock) can be drawn back and released by the trigger which will strike the frizzen however it can not, and can not be modified to fire a projectile. This makes for a great fashion accessory for cosplay or costuming as well as makes for a very nice quality collector piece.


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Manufacturer SKU 237G
Length 6 1/2"

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