Greek Corinthian Helmet

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Italo Corinthian w/ Real Horsehair Plume

The Corinthian helmet was used by ancient Greeks during the 8th century BC. This helmet was made entirely of bronze and provided excellent protection to the wearer's head, face, and neck. The helmet's design included a large curved plate that protected the entire head. It also had a plume or a crest at the top that made the wearer stand out on the battlefield.

The Corinthian helmet was not just a functional piece of armor, but it also represented the wearer's status, courage, and valor. It has become an iconic symbol of ancient Greek warriors and is often depicted in artwork and literature. The plume was not just decorative but also served a functional purpose. It made the most courageous and feared warriors visible in battle, striking fear into the enemy.

Advanced Weaponry and Tactics

The Corinthian warriors were known for their bravery, skill in battle, and their use of advanced weaponry and tactics including the distinct Corinthian Helmet. They were highly trained and disciplined soldiers who played an important role in many of the major conflicts of ancient Greece, including the Peloponnesian War and the Corinthian War. The Corinthians were known for their naval power and their ability to field strong armies of heavily armored infantry and skilled archers.

The Corinthian Helmet Construction

The Corinthian helmet was designed to provide the wearer with the utmost protection in battle. Its design was inspired by the earlier Boeotian helmet, which only protected the head's top portion. The Corinthian helmet was an improvement over its predecessor and provided complete protection to the wearer's head, face, and neck.

The helmet's design was simple yet effective. It was originally made of a single sheet of bronze, which was hammered and shaped to fit the wearer's head. The helmet had a large curved plate that covered the entire head and had openings for the eyes, nose, and mouth. The cheeks and chin were also protected by a separate piece of metal that was attached to the main helmet.

Deepeeka's Version of The Corinthian Helm

This reproduction is made from brass with real horsehair plume. The helmet is fully wearable with the included arming cap. This helm, true to historical design has been made from 18 gauge brass and is a beautiful collectors piece suitable for display, reenactments, LARP, cosplay and costume wear.


Reliks Product ID 7157
Manufacturer SKU AH6058BP
Circumference 26"
Gauge 18
Material Brass
Weight 4 lb 6 oz

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