The Horimono - Parts of a Japanese Katana

The Horimono which is also referred to as the chokoku is an artistic element found on some Japanese blades. The horomonoshi or engraver will etch and carve images into the katana blade to compliment it's theme. These engravings can be very simple like the silhouette of a lotus flower to very complex three dimensional images of grand dragons or samurai. This decorative element may be an emblem representing an individual or family as was common in Japanese samurai culture to adorn their katana furnishings with a family crest. Small engravings are normally located on the flat part of the blade just past the habaki, where larger engravings can span the entire length of the blade. Some blades were even forged purposely with a longer flat section to accommodate a more impressive horimono.

Horimono Photos

These are some photo's of several different Horimono found on the Japanese katana that we offer.