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The Blue Hanabira Katana

By: SkyJiro Forge

The Blue Hanabira Katana - SJ2-2 - SkyJiro Forge
SkyJiro Forge

Dojo Cutting Sword

Skyjiro Forge's Hanabira Katana is an excellent example of how a dojo quality sword can also be very aesthetically pleasing. This is a simple but elegant sword featuring dark blue tsuka-ito and is themed in a traditional Japanese Hanibira (flower petals). This piece is a step above a beginners class with differential hardening, giving a hard lasting cutting edge with a slightly softer spine for absorbing the energy of impact during cutting. Though this katana is suitable for an experienced martial artist it can be equally enjoyed by beginners as well. This sword is designed for the dojo, meaning this katana is properly sharpened and is made specifically for cutting tatami targets.

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  • Product Code: 5967
  • SKU: SJ2-2
  • Brand: SkyJiro Forge
  • Blade Material: .85% High Carbon Steel
  • Blade Tempering: Differential Clay Tempering
  • Fittings Material: Bronze / White Bronze
  • Tsuka Ito/Sageo: Skyjiro Silk

  • *Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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