Guinegate Sword

By: Windlass Steelcrafts
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Circa 1479

Maximilian I of Habsburg was a great lover of arms and armor; he even designed some elaborately fluted armor that has since been named for him. More impressively, he was never one to hold back when a good fight came his way. In 1479, during the War of Burgundian Succession, King Louis XI invaded the Burgundian lands. He was met by the Burgundian Infantry and Archduke Maximillian, who fought on foot with his infantry rather than riding with the cavalry as was the custom for high-ranking noblemen. In the short, bloody battle, the French fled and Maximilian came off victorious. His valor at the Battle of Guinegate inspired us in the naming of this beautiful sword. We replicated this sword years ago (decades ago, actually!) after photographing the original at an auction and being awed by its graceful design. We delightfully bring it back, but this time with a gorgeous new scabbard and belt that befit its lovely air of elegance. The high carbon steel blade retains the high center ridge of the original, enabling cutting and thrusting with equal efficiency. The pommel and guard are beautifully finished brass, a subtle design counterpoint to the camel bone grip. The reddish-brown scabbard and belt are constructed of thick leather with brass fittings, for a sumptuous method of sword wear. This sword can be used one or two-handed and comes sharp from the factory.


Reliks Product ID 1560
Manufacturer SKU 501695
Blade Length 33"
Blade Material 1065 High Carbon Steel
Blade Width 1 1/2"
Edge Type Factory Sharpened
Full Length 40 1/2"
Weight 3 lb 7 oz

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"Very shiny. Looks just like the pictures. I love the integrated scabbard and belt too. "