Guinegate Sword - Photo Gallery

guinegate sword

The Guinegate Sword by Windlass Steelcrafts.

guinegate sword belt

Brass fittings of the Guinegate Scabbard.

guinegate sword buckle

Brass buckles allow you to proudly wear the Sword of Guinegate.

guinegate sword scabbard

The reddish-brown scabbard and belt are constructed of thick leather with brass fittings, for a sumptuous method of sword wear.

guinegate sword pommel

The pommel and guard are beautifully finished brass, a subtle design counterpoint to the camel bone grip.

guinegate sword grip

Camel bone grip and brass fittings on the Windlass Steelcrafts Guinegate Sword.

guinegate sword hilt

The high carbon steel blade retains the high center ridge of the original, enabling cutting and thrusting with equal efficiency.

windlass guinegate sword

We replicated this sword years ago (decades ago, actually!) after photographing the original at an auction and being awed by its graceful design. We delightfully bring it back, but this time with a gorgeous new scabbard and belt that befit its lovely air of elegance.

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