Medieval Teutonic Dagger - Photo Gallery

medieval teutonic dagger

The Medieval Dagger features a polished tempered Carbon Steel blade.

medieval dagger pommel

Peened pommel of the Teutonic Knights Dagger.

medieval dagger hilt

The pommel is a made in a classic 8-sided pattern while the crossguard (the piece that separates the blade from the handle) quillons are in an acorn shape complimenting the pommel design.

teutonic dagger crossguard

Polished crossguard on the Deepeeka German Medieval Dagger.

medieval german dagger

The craftsmen at Deepeeka have forged this dagger from high carbon steel. The blade is double-sided with a raised ridge.

german medieval dagger scabbard

The Medieval Dagger comes with a wooden cored scabbard finished in leather.

embossed leather

Scabbard and handle are genuine leather with embossed cross and stitching at the throat.

medieval dagger

The German dagger was a short, double-edged blade that was used for thrusting and penetrating the armour of the time.

deepeeka medieval teutonic dagger

The Teutonic Knights were known for their skill in battle, and their weapons played a crucial role in their success.

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