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The original Zero Tolerance 0454 was an award-winning collaboration between ZT and custom knife designer Dmitry Sinkevich. But it was also a very Limited Edition knife. To make this amazing knife more readily available, ZT has created a new-for-2015 version based on the original’s streamlined form and high-performance function. The 0452CF is the same size as the original 0454, but with a carbon fiber front scale and S35VN dual-finished blade. S35VN sharpens to a razor edge, holds it, and can be resharpened easily. The 0452CF opens as smooth as butter with the KVT ball-bearing opening system and built-in flipper. A titanium frame lock with hardened steel lockbar insert ensures solid lock up. As a final touch of class, the 0452CF features handsome 5-spoke pivot hardware. From office to outdoors, the 0452CF is ready to go wherever you're ready to take it.


Reliks Product ID 6143
Manufacturer SKU 0452CF
Blade Length 4.1"
Blade Material S35VN
Full Length 9.3"
Length Closed 5.2"
Opening System KVT ball-bearing
Weight 4.6 oz

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"It's a large folder, but not a monstrously XL large folder. Almost shave sharp out of the box, solid construction with very attractive G10 on one side and a Titanium scale and integral locking bar on the other side. The shaping of the Titanium side is very aesthetically pleasing and almost sculptural. Lock up seems bank-vault solid with no up or down play or side play, as one should expect from a more expensive folder. One thing is that one has to not put any pressure on the locking bar when trying to open the blade as this make the opening hard to impossible, so attention should be used in holding the folder using no contact on the locking bar. This is more apparent with a left hander, the trick I found with the left hand is to hold the handle with the left thumb on the narrow cut out base of the locking bar as this doesn't interfere with the smooth opening of the blade. The issue is that there isn't that much real-estate to hold onto without risking touching the locking bar. With the right hand the second finger on the narrow recessed part of the locking bar with the index finger using the flipper. Once used to the knife it should not be a problem with practice. In conclusion" A beautiful and well made folder. "