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Shogun Sword Stand

Shogun Sword Stand - WS-1 -

This stand is an elegant way to display your most prized sword. Standing at 23 3/8" with a solid base, this stand can display most oriental and European style swords with or without scabbards. Their durability and versatility are why we use these stands to display swords in our retail locations. (swords not included)

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  • Product Code: 461
  • SKU: WS-1

Reliks Customer's Rating

4/5 average from 37 reviews

Reliks Customer Reviews

Rated by people who own this product

"Good average quality stand. A couple of simple tweaks bring it up to a 4, I would strongly suggest all contacting surfaces be given a coat of contact cement before they are screwed together. Also get some felt with tape on the back from a hardware store. Cut 2 pieces to shape and glue it to the areas the sword will rest on. This will protect the sword finish. These two things will make for a solid vertical sword stand." - (3/5)

"This vertical style of stand works really well where you don't have room for the traditonal horizonal or wall mount holder. I do suggest that contact cement or a wood glue be used on the joining surfaces. ." - (4/5)

"Nice stand of decent quality. It is extremely useful considering I live in a small appartment and do not have space for horizontal stands." - (4/5)

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