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Burgundy Katana Set

Burgundy Katana Set

This is a 3 piece samurai set to enhance your decor. The katana or the long sword is 40" overall with a 27 1/2" stainless steel blade. The mid-length sword, the wakazashi measures an overall 30 1/4" with a 19 1/4" blade and the short sword or knife called the tanto measures 21 1/4" with a 11 3/4" blade. Each piece has a wood saya (sacabbard) with silver metal accents. The tsubas are adorned with two dragons and the handles are finished in a traditional wrap. Free 3 tier stand included (may vary from the one pictured.) These swords have a slight edge but are not sharpened for use. This is a decorative samurai set for display purposes only.

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These swords are intended for display or costume wear only. If you are looking for martial arts grade katana please visit our Functional Japanese Swords section.

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