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The Ninja. They lived in the mountainous regions of Iga and Koga and trained in the art of stealth. It is said that their art is based upon a great Chinese military text (The Art of War) written by a general named Sun Tzu. Over the centuries the Ninja trained from childhood in every known Martial Art. Games were designed to inculcate expertise in unarmed combat, sword work, weaponry, camouflage, escape and evasion. In time, the Ninja warriors came to be feared throughout Japan. Many Ninja used their skills for the benefit of their people and to stop injustice throughout the land. This full tang Ninja sword has a nylon wrapped handle with a 17” blade. Its Nylon sheath is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap.


Reliks Product ID 2273
Manufacturer SKU HK-1066S

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"Very nice sword for the cost. The steel is flexible, and it is a full tang. I was also very suprised by the hardness of the metal. Much better than I had originally anticipated!"

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"Great value for price"

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