Roman Gladius Battle Sword

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The Romans used a short sword because of the phalanx(pike) which prevented the use of longer swords. After breaking the defense of the phalanx it would then become a close combat. The Roman warrior would rush the enemy fighter and engage with all his attention at eye level while thrusting underhand with the sword. This version of the Roman sword is intricately detailed from the sculpted pommel down to the stainless steel blade. Overall length is 30". The sheath is trimmed with sculpted Roman scenes.


Reliks Product ID 5366
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G - Verified Buyer

"Edges need some finishing and polish on the blade could be better. "

T - Verified Buyer

"once again, it is for my son and he absolutley loves it and very well crafted"

B - Verified Buyer

"The person I gave the gift to was ecstatic. It is a stunning sword."

M - Verified Buyer

"The construction from the blade to handle was very poor. There are small holes between the blade and the handle. Also some sanding needed to be done on the handle. The blade itself is very good."

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