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Celtic Knife

Celtic Knife

The Celtic culture was based around a system of honour, whereby warriors gained honour by valour in battle. Around 43AD the expanding Empire of Rome conquered Celtic Britain, as it had conquered most of Celtic Europe. Ireland and Scotland remained the only non-Rome Celtic areas left. All were ultimately defeated by the Britons, except a colony that survived and formed the kingdom of Scotland. This Celtic knife has a metal knotted handle with embedded blue stone and a stainless steel blade. 9" Overall.

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  • Product Code: 5367
  • SKU: HK-26136

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"Pretty dissapointed overall. The sheath scuffs the blade and the edge wasn't sharpened properly. The blade not being fitted properly was mentioned in another review so I wasn't surprised there and a couple minor spots of damage to the handle can be forgiven. But most of all the recipient was saddened when the "gem" in the pommel popped out right after being relieved and had to be super glued back into place. Granted, I got it while it was on sale but probably still wouldn't recommend it. " - (2/5)

"Very good quality for the price. A very nice knife!" - (5/5)

"Great looking knife and useful enough for opening letters. The only problem I found is that the blade is a little loose so it rattles a little bit." - (4/5)

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