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Kunai for Throwing Sports

Perfect Point throwing knives look like they came straight out of an action movie! These knives have a cool look and are fun to throw. These types of knives are known as kunai and are a classic weapon as well as tool in the ninja arsenal. They were originally adapted from farming tools when discovered that they would make excellent throwing knives and grappling tools. The Ninjas could use them to gouge holes into walls made of masonry or wood to assist in climbing. The could also attach rope to the ringed pommels to reach even greater heights. This would gain them higher ground and tactical advantage over their unsuspecting opponents.

How They Are Used Today

Most of us don't need to scale walls today so these types of Kunai are adapted to be more suited to throwing sports. The blades are more knife like as where the originals were much thicker for prying, digging and holding the weight of an adult. These blades are far more balanced and are best enjoyed in a throwing competition with friends. They come with there own nylon case which holds all three throwing knives securely as no knife is expendable.

Fun Facts

These types of knives were used by anime character Naruto, Scorpion in the game Mortal Kombat and were used by Jason Statham's character Lee Christmas in Sylvester Stallone's Expendables movie franchise.


Reliks Product ID 5017
Manufacturer SKU PP-869-3
Blade Length 4 3/4"
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Full Length 8 3/4"

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