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EK Commando Knives

Kabar has collaborated with Ek Commando Knife Company to bring you the next generation of military knives. These designs are improved upon Ek's already battle proven knives for the next generation of soldier. Built tough in the USA with premium carbon steel and best composite materials. Ek knives are traditionally only available with proof of military service but this collaborative series produced by Kabar is not reserved just for service members it is also available to the public.

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Becker Knives

The Becker Knife and Tool Company brings you some of the most rugged out doors knife designs available. Founded in 1980 by American knife maker Ethan Becker an avid outdoors man. Partnered with Ka-Bar who is known for their rugged designs that are recognized by the United States Marine Corps, now offers one of the toughest outdoor knives available side by side with its already extensive collection.

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