Spiculus Gladius

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Gladiator Sword

Admired for his fighting skills by the throngs of citizens that attended the Gladiatorial Games, the Gladiator Spiculus became personally favored by the Roman Emperor Nero. Spiculus was lavishly rewarded for his exploits in the arena; Nero awarded him gifts and palaces. Legend has it that when Nero knew he was soon to be sentenced to die he sent his attendants to summon Spiculus to kill him, but to no avail. This gladius has been designed to be true to the period, but worthy of a champion (of course, a plain gladius was the sword carried by all rank-and-file legionnaires). The sharp carbon steel blade is extra-long - 24" - for extra reach in the critical moments of mortal combat. Despite the extra length, this sword still weighs under 2 lbs and feels light and extra lively in the hand. The grip is natural bone and contrasts handsomely with the dark stained wooden pommel and guard. Since bone is a natural material, colour and grain will vary slightly from sword to sword. The scabbard is crafted true to historical construction - wooden and wrapped with reddish-brown stained leather. Gold-plated hardware makes this scabbard a treat for the eyes and features relief images of a lion and gladiator. The pommel of the sword is capped with a gold-plated leaf overlay.


Reliks Product ID 7012
Manufacturer SKU 501782
Blade Length 24"
Blade Material 1075 High Carbon Steel
Blade Thickness 3/16"
Blade Width 2"
Edge Type Factory Sharpened
Full Length 31"
Grip Length 3 5/8"
Weight 1 lb 14 oz

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