Spiculus Gladius - Photo Gallery

spiculus gladius

The Spiculus Gladius by Windlass Steelcrafts.

spiculus gladius scabbard

Gold-plated hardware makes this scabbard a treat for the eyes and features relief images of a lion and gladiator.

roman gladius blade

The sharp carbon steel blade is extra-long - 24" - for extra reach in the critical moments of mortal combat.

spiculus gladius handle

The faux bone grip contrasts handsomely with the dark stained wooden pommel and guard.

spiculus gladius pommel

The pommel of the sword is capped with a gold-plated leaf overlay.

roman spiculus gladius

The scabbard is crafted true to historical construction - wooden and wrapped with reddish-brown stained leather.

windlass spiculus sword

Admired for his fighting skills by the throngs of citizens that attended the Gladiatorial Games, the Gladiator Spiculus became personally favored by the Roman Emperor Nero.

spiculus roman sword

This gladius has been designed to be true to the period, but worthy of a champion (of course, a plain gladius was the sword carried by all rank-and-file legionnaires).

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