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Twigg Replica Pistol

Twigg Replica Pistol

Over Under Tap-Action

This type of flintlock pistol is known as an over-under tap-action because the two barrels are in line one over the other which both could be loaded at the same time. The tap action refers to a lever that can be quickly “tapped” changing from one barrel to the other or even selecting to fire both at the same time with one trigger pull. Re-priming the pan in between shots was normally necessary unless firing both barrels simultaneously. This Flintlock pistol reproduction was from a design made by Twigg in the 18th Century United Kingdom.

Steam Punk Cosplay

These pieces are historical but their “Steam Punk” style fits in very well with this style of cosplay or decor. The piece is very decorative in design with real metal barrels and action but does not or can not be modified to fire projectiles. This is a great costuming and collectors item. It is not a weapon.

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